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bad news, emily!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Gimme a little four-point-something

I heard in the news that there was a 4.1 earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area this morning around 4:30am.
My first response?


...that I wasn't there to experience it.

My response made me laugh, but it's true - I really do enjoy small earthquakes. Not so big that they're scary, but just big enough to give you a rush.
So put that on my list of reasons I miss my home state of California, alongside the fact that the sun sets over the ocean and there isn't any humidity.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Things I Never See Coming

Okay, I just spent the last 25 minutes listening to this
very-much-not-right-in-the-head guy who walked into our office. I
wasn't afraid for my safety, but he was definitely having some mental
issues. Totally stream of consciousness, talking fast, very animated,
and probably a big fat liar (and self-professed thief?)
Within a 30-second period he talked about knowing Sarah Jessica
Parker, having gone to Columbia, how his skills as a bicycle mechanic
could translate into teaching skills, being involved in the "pickle
heist" (which I'm not supposed to mention to anyone), having spent
time at Dorthea Dix, wanting to help himself to the buffet spread at a
reception upstairs, how he wanted to take my Starbucks mocha but he
probably shouldn't, and then some reference to South Park, the Law
Library, and how he carries soap with him.
He also asked if he could make a copy of his resume on our machine to
send to A&E and proceeded to take one of each of the
handouts/brochures on display at my desk, asking if they were about a
new drug, and he ran through a list of 'v' names, including viagra and
vagisil before he landed on valium.

When he finally left I closed and locked the front door. I'm not
scared, I just don't want to deal with him right now.
I think he's still in the hall talking to his mother on the payphone.


This experience ranks up there with the time I got bit in the hand by
a parent at the music studio I worked at.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

07.18.07 News of the Day

1) Lately, I've found myself leaving off the last 'h' in my first name when I'm signing emails. How is that possible???? I've VERY particular about how my name is spelled and I offend myself every time I see myself type it 'h-less'.

2) My housemates and I took a "family" portrait this weekend. It was a fun way to memorialize the last 1.5 years the 5 of us have lived together, now that Lori is moving to Ecuador to live with her husband there.

3) I joined a gym and I am dedicated to reviving my physical health!

4) I'm making a Rainbow Brite costume for an 80's party I'm going to on the 28th. Our new housemate is too young to even know who Rainbow Brite was.

5) My sister is coming to visit me for 10 days in October!

6) Marky Mark's "Good Vibrations" comes on the radio a lot more frequently than you'd expect.

7) Some of my housemates and I are totally addicted to this kids' cartoon show "Charlie & Lola" on the Disney Channel. Each episode begins with the boy Charlie narrating in his cute british accent "I have this little sister Lola. She's small and very funny."