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bad news, emily!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

01.18.07 News of the Day

1) Our first SNOW !!!!!!!!!
2) I like snow.
3) This morning's Ovaltine had a shot of Kahlua in it.
4) My "college years" scrapbook is almost finished!
5) I've decided not to look for another job at this time.
6) The TV show "The Office" had me laughing throughout when we watched two episodes tonight.
7) This is the same shirt I wore yesterday. That's unusual for me.
8) I'm wearing the monkey socks that Amy & Kim gave me.


I gotta get me one of those monkeys

I laughed outloud at this "Offbeat" news story from WRAL.com

"Escaped chimp gets snack, cleans bathroom"

I want a monkey to clean toilets for me. But she better stay away from my Cheetos.

The End.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Zoe & Applejack's 2nd Birthday

(Zoe was a bit camera shy tonight)
Kristin and Lara holding Applejack and Carolina, respectively. (I love this picture)

Daniel holding Tucker in a way that he will only let Daniel do.

Cupcakes and birthday cards.

Applejack in his party hat.

Carolina sneaking a cupcake. (She had already licked the frosting off two of them in the kitchen earlier)

Presents included a new water bowl, some Greenies kitty treats, a scratching post (which is really more a present for us humans so they won't scratch the walls), and the most exciting thing of all: a bottle of spray catnip. I test-sprayed some on a piece of paper and Tucker licked it for like 10 minutes straight.

I love my kitties!!!